How does our gathering of women become part of General Baptist Women’s Ministries (GBWM)?


Contact or see the contact information page.  Request a Group Resource Packet (complimentary to new startup groups) and let us know you want to connect.  A minimal membership fee of $25 per year per group is requested as a token of your commitment, along with information about your group and its members.   

Staff & Coordinators

Executive Director
Patti Thornton
FB: @PattiThornton.PB
Twitter: @PattiThornton
phone: 573.718.4980

Administrative Assistant
Kris Pratt
FB: @Kris.Kinder.Pratt

Board President
Carol Lewis
FB: @carol.s.lewis

Event Coordinator
Vicki Smith
FB: @vicki.smith.75491856

Spanish Translator
Heather Pritchett
FB: heather.pritchett.165

Web Coordinators
Mark Wilson
Tyler Myers


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